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Fischer Panda UK: Fischer Panda UK Launches New Panda PMS 19i to Expand Popular Range of iSeries Variable Speed Generators

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2018 11:29 GMT

iSeries Panda PMS 19i Variable Speed Generator

Compact and efficient 15kW model has been installed on a Tarquin 20m to replace a similar power output generator and save more than half the weight 

Fischer Panda UK has expanded its range of next generation variable speed iSeries ‘Perfect Power’ generators with the introduction of the Panda PMS 19i. The first installation of the versatile new mid-size generator has already been completed and commissioned after it was customised for a Tarquin 20m to replace an old 16kW unit.

The 15kW (19kVA) 19i genset is the latest addition to the popular Fischer Panda iSeries portfolio - the largest range featuring variable speed technology available on the market today offering marine generators from 5kVA up to 150kVA. Ideal for mid to large sail or motor boats, as well as superyachts with varied power demands, the innovative systems offer lower fuel consumption, quieter operation, longer service intervals, extended engine life, space and weight savings and reduced exhaust emissions.

Weighing just 160kg (plus 16kg frequency inverter), the 19i measures L650mm x W465mm x H590mm and provides 230 V / 50 Hz electrical power. The complete generator is mounted inside a super-silent capsule for extremely quiet operation. A DC charging alternator, engine driven sea-water cooling pump, 2 pole DC wiring, built in heat exchanger for freshwater cooling of the engine, auto start capability and oil -cooled rear alternator bearing are also fitted to the generator as standard. A frequency inverter is supplied for remote mounting, along with connecting looms, fuel pump, full instruction manual and remote control panel.

In line with all the Fischer Panda iSeries gensets, the 19i uses variable speed technology to adjust the speed of the diesel engine according to the user’s changing power requirements while the output voltage always remains constant from the PMGI inverter. This significantly improves fuel efficiency and allows the generator to be significantly smaller and lighter than conventional sets. The technology also benefits the environment as the engine is always working correctly loaded thereby operating at its most efficient with reduced wear and emissions in comparison with a traditional generator with fixed speed RPM. The speed of the 19i engine varies between 2200rpm and 2800rpm in direct proportion to the electrical load.

Chris Fower, Sales and Marketing Director, Fischer Panda, said: “Fitting in between our Panda 15i and 25i, the new 19i is ideal for a range of boats because it can be installed on its own or connected in parallel with a higher output genset on a larger vessel. We were really pleased to be able to offer our client such a vast weight and space saving when we installed the 19i on their Tarquin 20m, with the old generator weighing close to 400kg and measuring twice as long as the Panda genset.

“The expansion of our technologically-advanced iSeries range further demonstrates that we are leading the way in this next generation of compact, super-silent and powerful generators – the future for all mobile generator applications.

“Our variable speed generators meet fluctuating power requirements and spikes in activity, are kinder to the environment and are smaller and lighter. These features are particularly significant if the generator is needed to run systems such as an air-conditioning unit, water maker or diving compressor, in addition to charging batteries and running domestic appliances.”

Fischer Panda UK offers full-system design capability, servicing and aftercare for a variety of commercial and leisure vessels. Visit for more information about Fischer Panda’s range of marine generators and other products.


Note for editors: Images of the 19i installation on the Tarquin 20m are available at the end of this email.

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About Fischer Panda UK

Fischer Panda UK Ltd offers full-system design capability, servicing and aftercare as a leading distributor of diesel generators and a major supplier of the latest technology in air-conditioning systems, hybrid electric propulsion systems, integrated mobile power solutions and watermakers for a variety of commercial and leisure vessels.

Renowned worldwide as innovative, reliable and extremely quiet, the extensive Fischer Panda range of compact diesel generators includes its next generation highly efficient and powerful variable speed iSeries-Generators. Other world-class products from Fischer Panda UK include desalination systems from Sea Recovery, HRO, and Village Marine, with models suitable for day-boats to warships and offshore platforms, plus air-conditioning systems from leading marine HVAC supplier Dometic.

Fischer Panda UK was among the first companies to achieve ISO UKAS 9000:2015 accreditation and operates from a purpose built 9,000 sq. ft facility in Verwood, Dorset. Its experienced engineers, sales and operational staff work with OEMs to develop integrated systems for custom vessels and offer specialist technical support and on-going aftercare to its customers.

Also active in the military and automotive sectors, the company works with UK MOD and other armies around the world providing solutions for specialist vehicle and land-based applications. Two thirds of Formula 1 mobile truck units install Fischer Panda generators, as do the BBC, Sky and many other mobile broadcasting vehicles.

Operating since 1977, Fischer Panda GmbH is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany. The Fischer Panda team covers more than 500 technicians and partners in over 90 countries worldwide.