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Jubilee Sailing Trust recommends ChartCo’s Regs4ships solution

Press release   •   Jul 25, 2019 10:35 BST

The charity’s vessels SV Tenacious and STS Lord Nelson will deploy the solution, as will the Trust’s Southampton-based UK office. Image credit: ©

ChartCo supplies sophisticated regulations management tool free of charge to support the Trust in the compliance of its operations and ships

ChartCo is now supplying the philanthropic organisation, the Jubilee Sailing Trust, with the highly developed and user-friendly regulations management solution, Regs4ships. The charity’s vessels SV Tenacious and STS Lord Nelson will deploy the solution, as will the Trust’s Southampton-based UK office. Regs4ships eradicates doubt by highlighting upcoming regulatory changes and automating document control, providing consistency throughout the fleet; replacing the hitherto manual process of collecting, reviewing, updating, distributing and tracking maritime regulation changes on a vessel-by-vessel basis.

“Regs4ships is our go-to product for all IMO publications and M-notices, and the new format ensures we have the most up-to-date regulations,” said Captain Chris Phillips, Master, Sail Training Ship Lord Nelson. “The manual process involved requires considerable man-hours and Regs4ships eliminates this – meaning we can afford more time to deliver our charitable aims with our beneficiaries.”

The Jubilee Sailing Trust gives people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world through inclusive adventures at sea. The charity was co-founded in 1978 by Christopher Rudd and Dr Tony Hicklin: Rudd believed that if disabled and non-disabled people were to sail alongside each other, it would help break down the prejudices and misunderstandings between different social groups. He also believed that most of the constraints that prevented them sailing further offshore were artificial and could be overcome. Today, the trust has helped over 50,000 people sail in its first 40 years and now offers 5,000+ nautical mile Southern Ocean passages from New Zealand around Cape Horn and voyages in the Polar regions.


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ChartCo is a global leader in digital navigation services and voyage compliance. We provide market-leading solutions that reduce the cost of ship operations, improve situational awareness to owners and crew and assist with the ever-increasing levels of regulatory compliance.

In September 2018, ChartCo launched its revolutionary new platform, OneOcean, which fully integrates the entire suite of ChartCo’s navigation, compliance and shoreside monitoring applications – PassageManager, Regs4ships, EnviroManager, Docmap and FleetManager – to provide the highest quality of service in route planning, navigation management, shoreside operations and maritime regulations management.

Today we have more than 13,500 vessels purchasing our products and services each year.

We hold the 2018 SMART4SEA e-Navigation Award in recognition of our accomplishments in facilitating the transition to digital navigation in commercial shipping through our range of software solutions for vessels and shore side operators.

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