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Kongsberg Digital: Nord University in Norway establishes a new Partnership to increase Maritime Safety and prepare for Emergency Operations in the Arctic Regions

Press release   •   Sep 08, 2016 13:37 BST

An aft bridge simulator, similar to the one which is a part of the KONGSBERG delivery to Maritime Campus North

KONGSBERG maritime simulators will enable a new partnership between Nord University, Bodin and Lofoten Maritime Vocational Schools and the Nordland county administration in Norway. The partnership has been established to strengthen education, training and innovative research within Arctic maritime safety and security. The objective is to increase safety and contribute to increased competence on maritime SAR and oil spill response operations in the northern regions. The institutions, which form the new ‘Maritime Campus North’ partnership, will collaborate in maritime education, course offerings, innovation and research. The target groups are government and industry search and rescue (SAR) organisations, oil spill response organisations, ship owners and the oil and gas industry.

Central to the cooperation is the development of a common technical platform based on KONGSBERG simulators. KONGSBERG won the tenders issued by Maritime Campus North and will contribute with upgrades and extensions of the simulator capacity at the three training institutions. At Lofoten Vocational School, a unique oil spill preparedness simulator will be installed. At Bodin Vocational School, KONGSBERG will upgrade the fast craft vessel bridge with new hardware and visual system in addition to delivering an aft bridge simulator with integrated Dynamic Positioning simulator for DP2 training. At Nord University, KONGSBERG will deliver four new part task ship’s bridge simulators with visual scenes, which will be central in crisis management education and training. A new resource surveillance system and a crisis management system is also included. The new simulator platform will be among the most advanced tools for combined nautical, safety and security education world-wide.

The simulator systems at all three training institutions will be integrated and used to form joint nautical and emergency management training across geographical locations, providing a unique platform for international cooperation in this field.

“It is important that the education and training institutions can interact to strengthen emergency education and maximise the use of advanced simulator systems,” says Odd Jarl Borch, professor at Nord University. “The expansion of new simulator capabilities in the region meets demand for advanced training for government institutions, ship owners, oil & gas companies and other organisations operating, exploring and developing Polar waters. Of special importance is the growing interest from the cruise and petroleum industry for the Arctic regions and the implementation of the Polar code. The Nord University is now initiating a new circumpolar education and research network on Arctic Safety and Security including twenty universities under the University of the Arctic umbrella. This will give us an excellent academic platform for further international cooperation.”

“We are proud to take part in this important nautical and emergency management competence project for the northern areas,” adds Paal Aamaas, Sr. Vice President of Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital. “Our advanced simulator platforms installed at these three training institutions establish a world-leading, collaborative solution for improving safety and SAR and oil spill response competence by reaching a number of government and industry groups. The exciting integration potential of this unique training environment also has wider implications for international cooperation and interaction.”


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