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YANMAR Introduces New Generation Electronics – YD42 Multi-Function Color Display and YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display

Press release   •   Sep 05, 2019 12:06 BST

The new YANMAR YD42 Multi-Function Color Display

Compact and modern YANMAR display units offer market-leading solutions for a range of yachts, catamarans, motorboats and RIBs

YANMAR introduces its latest new-generation electronics with the launch of two new multi-purpose engine switch and instrument display solutions for boat owners. The YANMAR YD42 Multi-Function Color Display and YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display offer innovative functionality and a compact and modern style to suit a range of yachts, catamarans, motorboats and RIBs.

Featuring a low-profile glass helm design and a 4.1-inch full color screen, the multi-purpose YANMAR YD42 reads and displays YANMAR engine alarm and diagnostic codes. Users can also view additional information from engine speed and load, oil pressure and coolant temperature, to wind, speed, depth and AIS data. Supporting eight languages, the YD42 is compatible with a wide range of NMEA 2000 devices and allows engine data to be easily transmitted to other multi-function displays. Its data screens are easy to configure based on preference.

The water-resistant YD42 is suitable for use in all weather conditions with waterproof silicone keys, while condensation or fogging is eliminated as the LCD panel is optically bonded to its protective glass covering. With an ultra-wide 170˚ viewing angle, superior daytime visibility is delivered due to transflective LCD technology, which makes use of reflected sunlight to brighten the display image, with a lower power consumption compared to traditional backlit displays. The screen also offers a night-time mode to aid visibility in the hours of darkness and has a resolution of 320 x 240px.

Intuitive to operate and simple to install, the YD42 has an easy front-mount option, requiring no access to the back of the console or panel.

Sander Gesink, Marketing Manager of YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL, said: “The YANMAR YD42 has been designed to suit demand for a clean, functional and modern cockpit and helm station, demonstrating YANMAR’s commitment to lead the market with modern, intuitive and easy-to-operate systems. Enabling users to access their most important data immediately, the YD42 offers gateway functionality so that engine data can be transmitted and displayed on other NMEA 2000 devices. YD42 is ideal for larger sailboats and catamarans, with a single display capable of displaying data for dual engine installations.”

YANMAR is also introducing the YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display. In addition to engine start/stop functionality, the new compact YD25 shows all YANMAR engine data, alarms and diagnostic codes, and also integrates with multifunction displays and glass helm systems. Intuitive data screen selection keys allow viewing of information including engine speed, engine load, oil pressure and coolant temperature on four customisable screens.

Ideal for boats with limited dashboard space, the YD25 is contained in a weather-resistant housing, with waterproof silicone keys. The transflective monochrome 2.5-inch LCD has a viewing angle of 80˚ and a resolution of 164 x 64px.

Sander Gesink added: “The YD25 is an exceptionally versatile solution and a great alternative to the YANMAR A15, B25 and C35 panels. Used either as a standalone display instrument or integrated with other multi-function displays, it is suitable for sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, RIBs and sloops.

“Both the YD42 and YD25 offer a high level of functionality, but are also sleek and modern in appearance to match current multi-function display designs, and are easy to install and use. We are confident that they will greatly enhance the boating experience for our customers.”


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With its beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, YANMAR went on to become the first company to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of practical size in 1933. With industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of the business, YANMAR has continued to expand its range of products, services and expertise to deliver total solutions as a diesel engine and equipment manufacturer. Providing small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine engines, machine tools, and components — YANMAR’s global operations span seven business domains on land and at sea.

Based in the Netherlands, YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL is focused on the recreational marine sector globally, supplying engines for both sailboats and powerboats, and light duty commercial applications. Over the years, YANMAR has built an enviable reputation for proven marine technology delivering high quality and reliability and continues to develop advanced technology for the cleanest and most efficient diesel engines.

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